Scrunchietti - a word play for pretty scrunchies. Which is what we aim for here at Scrunchietti!

We wanted to have scrunchies that are wearable yet reflects us as an individual not only in terms of style but interests as well. All of our fabrics are specially sourced and a mix of local and imported. We ensure that each fabric is wearable before curating the pieces to give you a special collection each launch. We believe that scrunchies are limitless which is why you will see a variety of materials and designs on Scrunchietti.

It took 2 months in the making but here we are launching on August 2021. We have many ideas lined up so there is definitely something for everyone!


Here at Scrunchietti, our scrunchies are handmade so you can be sure that a lot of love has been put in for every piece. Our scrunchies are full and have a lot more fabric as we want them to always have that scrunched up look no matter how thick your hair is.

Most of our collections will feature designs in 3 sizes (Oversized, Classic, Mini). There will be exception for designs that are not suitable for certain sizes. If you would like to see a design in a size that is unavailable, leave us a note and we would be happy to consider it! Scrunchie sets are available for bundles of all sizes at a discounted pricing so if you want it all, you can have it all :)

In general, our Oversized scrunchies are 3x bigger than the Mini and the Classic is 2x bigger than the Mini. Sizing Guide page and description for each scrunchie is available to know more about the sizes of each piece.


With the different sizes in our scrunchies, our aim has always been to be inclusive for everyone and we have now expanded our product range to cater to 2 groups - those with short hair AND kids!

HEADBANDS - Suitable for those with short hair or just for you girls who don't like to tie up your hair.


BOWS - Available in 3 sizes (Large, Midi and Mini). Suitable for kids and adults as well.



Follow us on our social media for updates and do share Scrunchietti with your friends if you love our scrunchies! We are open to new suggestions on scrunchie designs that you're looking for so do drop us a message on our social media or send us an email and we'll be sure to consider it. We might even name a scrunchie after you!