At Scrunchietti, we want to ensure that our pieces can be worn for any hair type or length so we have 3 sizes for you to choose from!

In general, the Classic is twice the Mini and the Oversized is three times the Mini. For thicker fabric, we have a Mini 2.0 instead which is about 0.5 inches wider than the typical Mini. 

We have tested the elastics to ensure that it can go round 2 - 3 times on all hair types depending on the thickness of material and hair. It is super secure and will stay on your hair throughout the day! We have also ensured that even with 3 times round, you will still get that scrunched up look :)

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Our Oversized are meant to be big! Recommended for thicker and medium to long length of hair. However, it is also wearable for those with finer hair as it actually gives the illusion of a fuller look. Looks super good in a bun or ponytail!

Approximate dimensions*

Diameter: 4 - 6 inches

Thickness: 2 inches


Our Classic is your normal scrunchie size that is suitable for all hair type. Wearable for daily wear and for any occasion. Looks super good on any kind of hairstyle especially in a ponytail!

Approximate dimensions*

Diameter: 3.5 - 4 inches

Thickness: 1.5 inches


Our Mini has 2 variations. Mini 2.0 is about 0.5 inches wider than the normal Mini to allow more allowance for thicker fabrics during sewing. Recommended for finer and shorter hair but it is also wearable for thicker and longer hair! Not all our pieces will have a Mini due to the design. Do check the availability for each design.

Mini 2.0 Approximate dimensions*

Diameter: 3 inches

Thickness: 0.8 inches

Mini Approximate dimensions*

Diameter: 2.5 inches

Thickness: 0.8 inches

*All approximate dimensions depends on the fabric type


Measurements for each product are indicated in the individual listings. Picture reference is BIANCA (Oversized, Classic, Mini 2.0) and BROOKE (Mini) from our BASIC NEUTRALS collection.


Our headbands are based on standard sized turban headbands: 

Picture reference is INDAH and PUTRI headbands from our BATIK CHIC collection.


Available in 3 sizes - Large, Midi and Mini. By default, each bow is fastened with a 45mm alligator clip. Check out the individual listing for the available finishing to choose from! 

Picture reference is SHEA (Large Bow), SHAY (Midi Bow), SOFIA (Mini Bow).


Do allow some difference in dimensions as all our products are handmade so no two pieces are exactly the same.