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Introducing our October Follower's pick! This red wine satin piece is absolutely beautiful and we knew we needed this to be in our collection. Inspired by Loire Valley in France, this piece is perfect for a night out or dressier days. Don't miss out on having this exclusive piece!



Available in 3 sizes (Oversized, Classic, Mini)

Approximate dimensions

  • Oversized: Diameter - 5.5" / Thickness - 2"
  • Classic: Diameter - 4" / Thickness - 1"
  • Mini: Diameter - 2.5" / Thickness - 0.8"

Wraps 2 - 3 times round the hair (depending on hair thickness)

Care instructions

Air drying is sufficient for our scrunchies. If necessary, hand wash is recommended. 

Do allow some differences in color due to photo lighting and editing. Refer to main product listing for most accurate real life shade.